Modern Waste Bins Collection for Home and Office

Modern and stylish waste bins from Wesco would make a great addition to your home or office. The combination of its bright colors selection with the strong metal body creates a trendy and firm home appliances.  This German factory  has been making metal dustbins since 1867 ensuring the quality of the waste bins produced.  In these post well cover about few of the contemporary metal waste bins that probably looks good with your contemporary interior design

The Pushboy series based on the classic and simple on the simple waste bin shape. Its long and rounded top body is coated with stainless steel with only one door at the top. Easily pressed by hand while throwing the waste.

The Kick series of the Modern Waste Bins from Wesco may look similar to its push series, such as the Kickboy series and Pushboy series, in fact the only difference between those two is that kick series is operated by a pedal near the bottom of the bin that will open the top door when stepped at. While the boy series had a more round body, the Kickfox and Towerkick series is built with a semi square shape that will fit in the square corner of the room

Modern waste bins from this german company did have an elegant shape , yet the The Spaceboy series still would be the attention stealer of these steel bins. Its small rocket like design and bold color choices will definitely become an noticeable element in your house. This rocket shaped stainless steel bins have a single door at the top that could easily pushed , ditto with the Pushboy door mechanism

With such an elegant and unique design , plus the high quality standart from Wesco ,these modern steel waste bins collection wont be a waste of money to add to your home decor.

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