Vintage Wooden Credenza For Retro Home or Office

Looking for some retro furniture for your home or office ? Check out this wooden credenza collection from Jory Brigham Design. Located in San Luis Obispo , CA this small group that claim to be consist of artists , designer,builder and dreamer released a Retro styled credenza , that combine modern geometrical shape sideboard cabinet with retro colors and detail, creating a nice vintage looking credenza. Comes in 5 different series, each took a unique shape, inspired from Moroccan Jali screen pattern to small italian cabin. With natural impact in mind,these line of collections was made using eco friendly materials such as sustainable plywood and FCS certified walnut. Heres the list of the retro credenza series :

The Monroe

Inspired from an old Moroccan house , this plywood credenza has a detailed pattern of Moroccan Jali screen that will easily add a nice tone to your lounge , or living room


Build from combination of plywood , tomahawk and walnut , this beautiful wooden credenza had a sleek modern shape of retro accent. Also available in white color with slight difference on the credenza door

The Parker

Taking inspiration from an antique dresser, The Parker was aimed to be a smaller version of Torino series, this hand crafted wooden credenza hand more compact and simpler design than torino , fit nicely if you had a minimalist interior design.

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