Vintage Wallpaper Collection For Summer Decor

If youre into vintage decor for this summer , these new Missiva wallpaper collection from Trestintas could be a nice addition for your summer decor choice. Taking inspiration from the delicate patterns inside mail envelopes , this vintage wallpaper designed by Emiliana Design Studio, taking an everyday graphic element an putting it into a wonderfull wallpaper pattern.

This classic floral wallpaper from forest series had a different tree leaves pattern with variety in sizes and transparancies creating a softer and elegance veersion of the forest floor.

Along with the forest series,the Missiva wallpaper collection also have a brighter version of the leaves patterned wallpaper with seasons color and more simple background , creating a more calm and relaxing vintage look.

Taking inspiration from multiple superposed scraps and patterns in the inside of mail envelopes,combined with ranging color pattern from calm grey to a cheerful multi colored one, this vintage wallpaper series give a rich visual image for your room decor.

The last two from the Missiva vintage wallpaper collection is Confetti and Button. While both wallpaper pattern based on a circular pattern,the final result is anything but the same. Button have a slightly jumbled circular button cutouts and bigger circles pattern that create an informal , dynamic and fresh. As for the confetti , it has a several different sizes , colours and intensities of circle pattern with a traditional look, and denser styles creating a casual wallpaper pattern.

What do you think about these vintage walllpaper collection for this summer decor ? Would you use it in your room ? Or do you have any other preferences ? Kindly share with us through the comment form.

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