Vintage Pink Room Decor For Girls Birthday Party

Having a formal birthday party is something not everyone is into. Some say it might be two boring though it maybe require less notice to the interior design or the furniture, since most of common home decor will fit on a formal occasion. But if you wanted to have less formal party more casual and youth full feel, maybe you wanted to check out this vintage furniture ideas for your birthday party.

serve snacks and drink on a plain white plate, you could change the glass for some lemonade bottle iy youd like.

having a printed photo on napkin as a souvenir for the guess to  took home could be nice too

for the table decor, you could use some polkadot fabric drapped over than covered with semi transparent pink table clothes , leaves the surface uneven for more relaxed feel

use some plastic pink fork to add more vintage feel, they looks good on polkadot pattern too

for the biggest party hit, you could made some big burthday cake with polkadot and stripes pattern and vintage color , it would be sweet addition for the birthday party decor

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