Unique Hotel Room Design Made From Refurbished Boeing 727

Ever wonder how it feels like living inside an airplane , a legendary boeing 727 ?For a certain price you could live up the experience of literally living inside a boeing 727.

Costa Verde , a costa rican hotel have a renovated boeing727 airframe salvaged from san jose airport and transformed it into a luxurious jumbo hotel room on pedestal 55 feet above the beach. This amazing airplane resort hold two bedroom , bathroom , a kitchenette a small dining room and also a terrace overlooking the beautiful view of the beach and the ocean below.

The boeing 727 converted hotel room interior is covered in a Costa rican teak from the cockpit to the tail , while the furnishing are hand crafted teak furniture from indonesia. A beautiful place to stay and relax , enjoying the surroungding rainforest and the beautiful scenery.

More information about this vintage airplane hotel room is available at costaverde.com

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