Unique DIY Driftwood Lamp

Feels like making something for your home decor yet havent found any idea ? Weve found a DIY Driftwood Lamp project that might get you started. In case youre still wandering what a driftwood is , its a wood that has been washed onto a beach or a river shore, either in the shape of a tree or a man made object. In a large mass, driftwood could be a major nuisance in cleaning it, though it could provide shelter to some animals n provide a nutrient source for the dunes , most driftwood produce a carcinogenic element when burning , especially when it was soaked in seawater. One way to make use of the driftwood is creating a decorative furniture such as this lovely DIY driftwood desk lamp. Michelle from sweetsomethingdesign has made a beautiful driftwood lamp from her old desk lamp.

Lovely isnt it , read more about this DIY driftwood lamp at her blog here or read more about driftwood at wikipedias driftwood page

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