Unique Book Shaped Tent for Fun Outdoor Camping

Planning for an outdoor trip this spring or summer ? Or you just wanted to spend sometimes outside , just camping in the backyard or park nearby ? Either way this uniquely shaped tent from fieldcandy will make your outdoor activity more interesting. Take a look at this Fully Book tent for example

It looks like a giant book dropped out of nowhere , a perfect set up if you were participating in a book fan camp. Theres also a girly light blue tent with vintage flower pattern for your girl

, a bricklike one , grass, galaxy or even a sandwich and cheese complete with a small mouse picture.

Features waterproof sheet, large porch , and a roll back door among other things , these tent collection also made from fire retardant material that stop burned right after the fire catch the fabric.
If youre looking for an out of ordinary tent for your fun camping week, these lovely tent collection will bring a different color to your campsite

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