Table Lamps With Luxurious Design Made From Agate Stones For Sale

Currently listing at € 1600 or about $ 2272 , this luxurious table lamps pair made from agate stones seems like true to its price. For those who never heard of it, an agate stones is a type of stone usually found in volcanic rocks or ancient lava. Believed to enhance physical, emotional, and intellectual aspect of the person near this stone,in ancient times its often placed on water to heal sickness.

 table lamps stone lamps agate lamps

Signed with AS initial and some sort of sun symbol , this soft colored stone table lamps pair emits a relaxing light from the lamp illuminating the agate stones. Modern and minimalist in design,with pairs of table lamps like this , surely brings a calming and luxurious trace to your living room or maybe bedroom interior.

unique agate stone lamp designl table lamps stone lamps agate lamps

More images are available on our gallery. If you wanted to learn more about this luxurious agate stones table lamps pair from 1970s at city furniture

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