Stockholm’s Modern Apartment With City View For Rent

Homy apartment possibly be everyone’s dream , even its just a rented apartment , who doesnt wanted their place to feels like home ? Situated in Birkastan ,Stockholm this apartment have a mixed interior style design, creates a cozy places to spent your day.

Cozy apartment room3 modern apartment contemporary interior design

Cozy interior design on the apartment

Designed to provide vast living area in the apartment completed with modern furniture and wooden beams. It takes elevator to get you to the loft. With the city nice view and large windows , this place also had optimum benefit from the natural light.

panoramic view from the terrace2 modern apartment contemporary interior design

City view from the apartment terrace

outdoor terrace with nice view4 modern apartment contemporary interior design

comfortable apartment terrace

There’s a remote controlled vertical blind to control how much light goes in. There’s two bedroom , two bathroom , one of which having jacuzzi installed. The heating under floor ensure this 97 square meters apartment keep warm.

Could be rent from Eklun

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