Stair Design from SA : Modern Wooden Staircase

One of the crucial part of the house that often to be undertook is stair. Stair design sometimes left for what it already is. Being the connector between two or more floors, staircase is also the area of the house with high activity frequency. Eventhough most people would be satisfied with the way their staircase designed as it is, stair could give part in creating the mood in the house interior decoration. Theres a broad range of design could be applied on , This time well give an insight about modern wooden stair designs from Slattery and Acquiroff , an Australian based stair builder company.

This modern wood stair was made from a Victorian Ash wood with a clear finish, enabling the woods texture shown clearly. The stair design took shape of an U , supported with a cranked cut string fixed into the back wall.

Another contemporary wooden stair design within the modern style collection of SA is this modern designed staircase also used the u shaped design. Made from spotted gum wood with clear finish ,Its closed string filled with a fitted toughened clear glass between the strings and fascia completed its large shelf formed step

Dont you agree that staircase design could add some focal point to the house interior when it was done right ?

Image are copyright of SA Stair Design

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