Sleek Minimalist Make Up Tool Holder

Make up organizer is one of the must have tool in a girls or make up room. But sometimes when you need to do a real quick make up job the whole drawers and box once keeping your make up organized now looks like a little bit chaotic ? Then you might want to check this one out.

Various hole size in wooden make up organizer wooden make up organizer make up holder

Designed as a complement to the bigger make up organizer, this minimalist “Scarlet Adult” tool holder try to represent a new way of organizing make up appliances. Made from a streamlined and sanded smooth recovered poplar tree trunks or reclaimed wood , light and sturdy about , this contemporary make up organizer not only looks good but also environmentally safe.

Features a 21 tool holder hole with various diameter with slightly left or right slanting on a smaller hole enable the utensils stored to be easily picked up. The left or right slant is customizable during the purchase.

Its seller , Less and More shop claimed that each piece of the Scarlet Adult make up tool is unique , one of a kind. Coated with Eco friendly impregnation based on pure orange oil , give this compact make up tool holder a pretty honey color and soft satin feel while reserving its original little textures.

More information about this modern compact tool holder are available in Less and More Etsys page here

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