Scented Candle with Cute Landmark Shapes

Scented candle is one of simple home decoration that could affect more than it look. Whether just for the romantic candle light dinner or building up your your mood to a relaxing or passionate state could be easily achieved with it.
scented candle with iconic landmark shapes scented candle cute candle

This time we found a scented candle with popular London landmark shapes, the big ben, double decker bus and a classical phone booth shape. Comes in charcoal grey, mint and rose respectively,this compact sized candle could also be a pretty decoration when not lighted up.

scented candle with double decker bus shape scented candle cute candle

Each one of this scented candle has the rice flower vanilla fragrance and sold individually. A nice and useful accessories for your home decor

phone booth shaped scented candle scented candle cute candle

big ben scented candle scented candle cute candle

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