Pretty Butterfly Cherry Blossom Tree Vinyl Wall Decal

Vinyl wall decal is one of the easiest way to redecorate your room or getting a beautiful interior, no need to messed up with painting. Among the popular choices of wall decal theme are trees and birdcage. Today weve stumble upon this cute looking cherry blossom tree wall decal from SimpleShape. With the size about 106w x 88h , this cherry blossom trees with 10 small butterfly sticker could fit perfectly with a standard sized crib, making this vinyl sticker a great choice for a nursery room.

Girly Pink Cherry Blossom Trees and Butterfly Vinyl Wall Decal Vinyl Wall Decal Tree Themed Wall Sticker Girly Wall Decal

Although this lovely wall decal tailored to fit best if you have 8-foot ceilings and a 4-inch baseboard , need not to worry if you have a larger or smaller size, the folks at simpleshape said theyd happily assist you in getting the perfect wall decal for your room. Theres 24 color available to combine on this cherry blossom wall sticker, 2 color combination for the flowers, 1 for the tree and 1 for the small butterflies , so you can mix and match to find which color would have the best look in your room.

Go to our gallery for more picture , more information about this cute butterfly cherry blossom tree wall decal is available at simpleshops etsy store

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