North House Residence ,The Eco Friendly Summer Home

Awarded as one of the winner in AIA 2011 Housing Award, this 2000 square feet summer home designed to have a low environment impact and easily maintainable.

Situated at the beach in near the Georgia strait , right in the middle of small mature fir trees “jungle” doesn’t mean that there will be a lot of tree cutting for this house, in fact , none of the trees needs to be removed, thanks to its brilliant architectural design that respond very well with the situation around the structure.

Features double large glass wall opening to the beach and upland meadow that provide a minimum obstacle to the beautiful scenery at the land and the beach.

Its vegetated roof were designed to reduce the rainwater run off and filter it to be stored at the two 5000 gallons storage tanks for irrigation needs. Electricity and heating were provided from the PV panels and the solar collectors , creating a minimum to none for electricity use over the year.

Architect & Photos: Heliotrope Architects

More picture of this Eco friendly beach side summer home can be found at our gallery

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