Mountain Slope Modern House With Beautiful View Of Lake

Looking for an ideas of a modern architectural style that coexist with nature ? you might wanted to take a look at this new project in Mondsee/Irrsee in Austria.

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This modern cubical house have a minimalistic design on its exterior, taking a shape of a simple cubicle with beautiful Lake Irrsee and Mondsee. Located at the eastern part of Mt.Kolomann slope , it is designed to meet the large retaining wall needed to deal with the incline steep in this area while retaining an eco friendly architectural design. The result is this cubicle house, with amazing view from the terraces To minimize the energy use in the house, its also equipped with external blinds along with the large windows to allow more natural light to the interior of the house. Theres also solar panels placed in order to maximize the energy efficiency on this contemporary house. It only took one year and a half for the construction of this mountain slope modern house

See more picture of this cleverly designed cubicle house at our gallery

via : stadtbaumeister

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