Modern Restaurant In U.K With Interactive Menu Order

This amazing oriental fusion restaurant and in the UK has a futuristic design and unique menu ordering system. Using the E-Table interactive system the customer could interact with the menu order that was projected to the table surface, seeing how the meal or the drink would look like , giving a sneak peek of the menu. Using this interactive menu order system from E-table, their customer could also set their lighting , browsing whats on the local neighborhood , or ordering the taxi after for the ride home.

Exterior View Of The Inamo Restaurant and Bar  Restaurant Interior Futuristic Restaurant Contemporary Restaurant Design

Supported with its minimalist interior design that dominated by white color with geometrical decal on the windows and a contemporary wall mural plus its projector shell in the ceiling , this pioneer of oriental fusion restaurant and bar became an interesting futuristic restaurant , a nice place for a dinner with your friend , family or co-worker. You could even do the booking online. A small thing to be considered, this restaurant might not be suitable for people with photosensitive epilepsy , since the menu system will be in form of moving images.

See more picture at our gallery , or head up to Inamos Restaurant Website to place your book at this modern futuristic restaurant

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