Modern Office Table and Cabinet Made from Cardboard

Looking for a modern and unique office furniture ? You might want to consider this table and cabinet set entirely made from cardboard. While its sounds like this 100% reycleable product from Karton Group will break easily since it was made from cardboard, its surprisingly strong. Build with the an excellent corrugated paper board , for daily use the only “enemy” of this cardboard furniture is liquid spill. Yet , it could also easily preventable by applying a water proof coating or some custom protective product.

cardboard furniture in the office office table office cabinet cardboard furniture

There’s even a 12 month warranty on this lightweight and sturdy office furniture. The Karton Office Package includes Chairmans Table, Vier and Zwei small cabinets and The Double Berlin lid that replaces the usula lid on Vier and Zwei cabinet , locking them in place.All of this office furniture were made from cardboard and is currently selling at the price of $367 . So what would you think about this cardboard table and cabinet ? would it suit able for your home office environment ?


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