Modern House of Australian Artist Induce Rorschachs Test Feeling

Beautifull Side View Of The Home modern house australian architecture

Indistinct Look Of The Architectural Beauty

This contemporary house is a result of Australian designer Nervegna Reed and PH architects. Created based from one of their client request , an art gallery director that require a home that could be used as his own private gallery and room for artists meeting and maybe stay over. This beautiful piece of modern architecture is divided into 3 section . The main courtyard, where the artist would mainly take all the activities therein. Theres the Front study room complete with internal bathroom for those who visiting over , and then theres gallery downstairs. This house unique design created the looks that tingle your imagination , more like an abstract work, interpreted differently by those who sees it.

Adjoint Bathroom With Minimalist Design modern house australian architecture

Minimalist Design for Adjoint Bathroom

Simple looks of the house modern house australian architecture

Simple Front Side of The house

See more picture of the house by John Gollings from the gallery below

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