Modern Giraffe Shaped Sideboard with Coat Hanger

Nowadays, modern sideboard has many function from its original dining room usage. In the minimalist home design , sideboard could be  a great choice in minimizing space usage while keeping the interior design looks beautiful. The design selection of modern sideboard is broader too compared to the traditionally used one. Take this one for example, designed by Vanessa Moreno , a German based interior designed.

Working under oomydesign , a design firm in Berlin , she creatively design this Jiraffa Sideboard a giraffe shaped sideboard in an attempt to brings  a small piece of savannah to the home.  The mute servant of exotic Vanessa Moreno dresser, wardrobe and umbrella stand in one, and pulls in each case the attention.  A beautifully designed modern sideboard complete with coat hanger and umbrella stand  to add to your interior design.

More info about this modern giraffe shaped sideboar go to avandeo(de)

via cubeme

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