Minimalist Traditional Floating Home for The Summer Vacation

It is always a good idea to spending summer outside, enjoying the view and the air, but this summer home from sweden , seems like a nice place to enjoy the summer. Small and comfy, this houseboat occupy almost 650 square feet area, with about 200 square being the sundeck.

The side facing the sea is completed with glass sliding door and theres also five small window to give more opening to the house. Most of the door in this minimalist floating house made to be sliding type, like the two identical dark brown , in the bathroom and to the rear deck. Most of the electrycity powering the house comes from the solar cell installed, an environmental friendly source of energy. The interior itself doesnt feel too crampy, with a decoration combining a traditional and minimalist design. Truly a great idea to live like a milionaire on a short budget

photos by johan carlson

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