Minimalist Staircase Shelves For A Small Room Decor

Having limited space in your house sometimes means that youll get a lot of creative idea to put the small space into its full potential. This minimalist staircase shelves could be one of the things you could put into use. Cleverly solving the common problem of a shelves too high sometimes its hard to reach , Danny Kuo , Netherlands based designer with Asian roots, maximize the shelves usage by combining the idea of a stair with shelves. Simple yet brilliant, this solution made the lower wooden boxes could be slightly drawn out to become a sort of stair steps, making the user easily reach the top shelves or drawer. No more hassle from having to using a ladder or a chair. Simple and modern , this staircase shelves and cabinet wooden consists on independent shelves/cabinet box that could be easily swappable.

Dont you think this minimalist staircase shelves would be doing great as a small room ?

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