Minimalist Desk,Vanity and Cabinet With Hinged Drawers

These contemporary minimalist desk , vanity and cabinet comes from the Pivot series by Shay Alkalay for Arco. Following its successful pivot cabinet design. The latest addition to the series is a minimalist desk and vanity.

Dressing Table Work Table and Pivot Original Work Table Make Up Table Hinged Cabinet girls dressing room ideas

The pivot desk features a unique and sleek design. Complete with a pivot cabinet , this minimalist workstation is a perfect choice if youd like your own working area in a small home office.

The vanity version of this series have a slight different compared to the pivot desk, its table top area are smaller than the workstation version that could be use to store a laptop or a desktop computer and it also comes with a recess to house a make up mirror. This make up version of the pivot cabinet have a small table top with the same width area of the cabinet, creating a simple and space saving make up table for your small dressing room.

The material used in this pivot series are either wood oak or american walnut , ensuring the best product quality. Either the workstation or make up version are also has an integrated pivot cabinet signature that hinge rather than slide.

On my personal opinion, these work table and make up table version of the pivot cabinet would make a lovely set on minimalist dressing room or home office. Its sleek design is also a plus. More pictures at our gallery or go to arco for more info

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