Meera House, Beautiful Garden House With View to The Sea

Modern Structure With Roof Garden Roof Garden Green Architecture garden house

This beautiful four stories garden house was located on Sentosa Island a small island next to Singapore. Green roof garden on each story added a stunning effect to its contemporary architecture. With only 820 square meters area,plus the building around were already built adjacent to the house the initial architectural design itself was a challenge.

Front Look Of A Contemporary Garden House Roof Garden Green Architecture garden house

The solution chosen by Caroline Witzke and Szymon GoГ…Вєdzikowski from Guz Architects was to create a solid wall to the neighbor building to maintain best privacy while providing a central light and stairwell . Access and visual to the beautiful roof garden and greenery were made possible from the back terrace while the front have a wonderful view of the sea. Truly a relaxing and magnificent garden house .

Beautiful Garden House in Night Light Roof Garden Green Architecture garden house

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photo credit : Patrick Bingham Hall

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