Improvement Make Your Small House Feels Airy

Having a small home doesn’t mean that you will be living in an uncomfortable tight space, with the right architectural and interior design it could feels so much bigger.It always better to have the right building plan on your small home of course, but you doesnt have to renovate your home sweet hom from the scratch. Here are some ideas  of small home improvement that might do you help in getting a nice place to stay.

High Ceiling

If you still havent build your home yet, than its better to designed one with high ceiling. In small home, high ceiling will provide more air circulation and allowing a better natural light exposure. It also help to create the feeling of a larger space.High ceiling architecture design small home ideas interior design tips

Use Light Color , Earthly tone

Its not a good idea to paint your small home in black or dark purple, that if you wanted it to feels like a little less cramped. Light color will surely help to brighten up your home, plus its easy to the eyes. Earthly tones also much more pleasing to the eyes, it help us feels relaxed

Light color for minimalist small home small home ideas interior design tips

Pick the right furniture

It is important to decorate your home the right way, especially when you got a small home to live.Try to put less furniture in the interior, or pick the minimalist styled one, they dont eat too much space plus it will be great benefit if one or two appliances have multi function. Avoid placing a large picture frame when you have low ceiling, it will make the ceiling height more noticable, therefore creating cramped feels.

Create big opening to the outside

This tip could be done by picking a larger window so that theres more light in and of course a better view to the outside. You could also pick a glass door such as French door, try to use the double door to create a larger feel than the single one

Well thats some of interior and building ideas  to improve your small home and to help you deal with your  wonderfull home.

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