Kerosene Ball Torch from Stainless Steel for Pond and Terrace

Kerosene ball torch is a spherical torch , made especially for outdoor use ,it could also be fueled with other oil usually and have a fiberglass wick. Weve covered about the beautiful ball oil lamp torch from Christian BjГѓВёrn, and today weve found another oil lamp torch but this one could also be used as floating ball torch in the pond.

The Bola Floating Torch from Blomus , a German based stainless steel appliances , utilize lamp oil or kerosene as its burning power, its round body could contain about 500 ml oil that will keep the lamp burning for about 10 hours.  Not only useful in for a romantic light at your swimming pool or pond, this kerosene ball torch from Blomus also included with a base ring to hold it steady on flat surface, so it could also be used to decorate your terrace.

This elegant stainless steel oil lamp also features a safety lock that not only forbids the lamps kerosene from leaking , but also preventing children access to its wick fiberglass. Measured 6.9 height and  6.7  in diameter this floating kerosene ball torch from Blamus is seems like a good choice to help setting up the mood for your special or should we say romantic ? event .

images : Blamus

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