Japanese Noodle Bar With Modern Geometrical Design

Japanese noodle bar , what do you see when you hear that word ? a small shop with few wooden seats and table,and a small bar maybe. This one would break your mental image of a Japanese noodle bar. Named AnAn , located in Wolfsburg, Germany , this modern Japanese noodle bar was designed by Hosoya Schaefer Architects for the Autostadt from the Volkswagen group to brings a small piece of modern Tokyo to Germany.

This amazing noodle bar interior was created with some transparent hexagonal compartments made from acrylic panel that covering the area in it floor to ceiling. that functioned as a slightly more private area. The ceiling and the wall was also filled with a geometrical pattern. The transparent compartments is decorated with a graphic pattern mostly taken from a Japanese painting in a bright color , such as dragon or trees. In it was a counter or table , a vending machines , a coat storage and plastic food plates. Using a a sophisticated technology in its creation, this Japanese noodle bar was designed to maximize the space while creating the best customer experience and design. Truly a modern masterpiece , Japanese noodle bar with urban style.

Photos credit : Iwan Baan, marc Raeder, Udo Meinel

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