Interactive Custom Wallpaper Gives Unique Touch To Your Room

Need a new look for your room ? A simple change of wallpaper could make a great difference to the rooms interior. If youre getting bored of the same old patterned wallpaper , you could create a new one yourself with this create your own pattern wallpaper.

Tears Off Wallpaper With Endless Creativity Wallpaper Design Patterned Wallpaper Custom Pattern Wallpaper

Putting a new wallpaper for your wall could turn out to be tiresome activity,with this "tear off" wallpaper designed by ZNAK , you could add some more fun to it. Made from non-woven material with perforated precut segments plus with its modular sheets ,installation process is wont just be easy yet also fun. You could go wild peeling of some pattern design to your wall. Either make it orderly for more casual look or just peel wherever you like for an "artsy" result.

Paint either your wall or the wallpaper , or even both of it to achieve a more different looks. You could even let your kids do their coloring on the wallpaper , and peel it away for a unique wallpaper design. Interested in one ? go to ZNAK for more info

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