5 Important Things To Do Before Buying Used (Second Hand)Home

New season is here. Now that winter has end , its probably a good time to start looking for a house.
Theres some things you better make sure checked out before buying used or second hand home. Either buying your first one or just looking for a second place to crash , here are some list you might find important before deciding which one to pick when choosing resale home:

1. Decide your budget limit
If budget does matter to you , you might wanna decide how much would you want to spent on your new house , that way, you would get tempted easily by overpriced house that you dont eventually need. Use some online mortgage calculator if you need to, knowing how much money you must provide each month is good for your finance plan.

2. Check the house yourself
Its always a good idea to do a walk in house checking. No matter how good it looks on the photo you found online, would be better if you could take a look to the house your self.

3. Do your price research
Before you agree upon the asking price, do check the market price about the house. You could ended up paying more than you suppose to just because you already thinking its cheap enough. Price research on house market also could help you notice if the house were very underpriced , which in case you should be cautious

4. Check the house history
More information never hurt you on this one, try to look for the upgrade history , whether there was any repairement done recently or in the past. Better be ready than sorry

5. Do house inspection
Feeling good about the house youve been checking out ? As the last step , get some house inspection. Its not too expensive , and you surely wanted to notice something wrong and regret it after you take ownership of the house dont you ?

Hope this list could help you in your adventure of deciding which house for you. Have any addition on the things to do before deciding to pick a second hand house ?

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