Homemade Christmas Gift Idea : DIY Snow Globe Jar

With the Thanksgiving an Christmas just around the corner , no doubt youve started looking for some inexpensive Christmas or Thanksgiving gift and decor. Found this easy DIY Snow Globe jar tutorial inspired from the jar snow globes at anthropologie that might get you started for a pretty homemade Christmas / Thanksgiving gift idea as well as a decor for the holiday ahead. All the material youll need should be easily available at a craft store or even maybe from your storage room.

Youll need:
*A mason jar or any jar of your choice
*Zinc lid, if the jar havent got one
*An Ornament
*Clear-drying epoxy
*White glitter
*Hot glue / waterproof caulking

and now the step by step instruction
Adhere the ornament of your choice to the lid , wait for it to dry. You dont want to use hot glue for this since it will easily fall off

If you use a jewelry for the ornament , make sure you coated it with anti rust sealant , and use boiled / distilled water

Fill the jar with clean water , mix it with a few tablespoon of glycerin to help the glitter not to stick to each other or the ornament, plus it makes the glitter fall slower

Make sure the epoxy glue on the lid is already dry before you screw it on , then use hot glue to prevent leaking if necessary , or you could also use bathroom caulking

Thats all, and youll have your self an easy , inexpensive yet pretty homemade gift or decor for the upcoming christmas and thanksgiving.

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