Hay Stuffed Transparent Armchair from Italian Designer Fabio Del Percio

This transparent Hey Armchair was firstly shown to public at Milans Fourisalone. Made from highly durable transparent PVC material filled with the best hay from Ireland.

"Hey" transparent armchair

This modern and exclusively created by hand work in Italy , has a hole under the armchair removable PVC cover that allows the fragrant smell of the hay to come out. Designed by Fabio del Percio,known for his works on luxurious upholstery in Europe, Hay Transparent Armchair is intended indoor use, though outdoor use will be acceptable too as long as this unique furniture didnt catch the rain.

transparent pouf filled with hay

The hay inside this 1000cm x 70 cm armchair is suggested to be replaced every two year if its being used outside,could also be filled with other materials of your choice too, such as an old fabric or stuffed with the yesterday newspaper, an endless creativity. This stuffed transparent armchair is sold for £580.00 at e-side. Theres also hay stuffed transparent pouf and chair model

transparent hay stuffed chair


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