Glow In,Minimalist Sofa with Wide Mats

This minimalist yet oversized sofa comes from Italian company , Desiree. Completed with exceptionally large padding , this wide sofa with minimalist design have two different size choice, 40 and 50 inches. Its sleek design plus large size brings excellent combination with wide range of living room decoration, not to mention that its Deco monochrome exclusive cover were interchangeable.

wide glow in sofa with simple design wide mats sofa design minimalist sofa

This latest modern sofa design from Desiree also available in many style ; islands, peninsula central, all with optional arms choice. Need a new look , just put some fabric cover on this smooth lined sofa for a fresh redecoration in the living room. Its overly sized mats is irresistible to slept on dont you think ?

wide mat sofa in minimalist living room design wide mats sofa design minimalist sofa

more picture on this simple and minimalist sofa design is available at our gallery


source: Desiree (sites in italian)

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