Girly Vintage Pink Stripped Paper Storage Boxes

Its been a while since we put a post cover about girly paper storage boxes, this time we found this girly vintage paper box from Chloes.  Stripped with soft pink color on vintage cardboard box design , this Girly Print Stripped Box set is a suitable decoration for a girly vintage room design  , or maybe on a feminine girls dressing room.  On its surface design is a picture of stacked high heels, box, purse ,jewelry and even a cupcake ,yay! .

The inside of this vintage decorative paper box set is covered with a  girly pink floral pattern that matched with the soft colored strip on its cover.  This flap top opening boxes could be used as a beautiful photo or letter  storage and maybe as a place for your daily fashion accessories.

Comes in two size , the large one with the size about 14.5 x 10 while the smaller one measures 12.5 x 9 , this  girly vintage cardboard paper boxes is currently available at Chloes Chick Boutique for $39.99  with a free shipping

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