Girly Pink Vintage Bedroom Ideas to Redecorate Your Room

If you’re into girly Victorian era luxurious style decoration,and still looking for some inspiration to help you redecorate your bedroom this summer , weve spotted several pretty bedroom furniture set, from the vintage bed, lovely computer desk up to mirror with the dresser from the collection of Lea Industries. This wonderful bedroom set is part of the Emmas Treasures Mansion series. The furnitures were finished in vintage white, with sophisticated design , added with the cane and crystal cut mirrors to the set creates more appeal of this collection.

The luxurious mansion bed is decorated with a beautiful headboard shape and pattern , finished in vintage white, creating a feminine look, combine with a pink bed cover and pillow for more girly look .

Girly Vintage Pink Bed Vintage Furnitures Vintage Bedroom Ideas Girly Bedroom Design

Uniquely styled nightstand cabinet from this Emmas Treasure collection has one shelf and swing door with vintage pattern detail and a big patterned ribbon circle logo , creates a sophisticated cabinet design.

Vintage white finished Computer desk and chair from Emma’s treasure collection had a curvy separator between the optional hutch shelves, one keyboard drawer , locking drawers with hidden trays to store your jewelry, and 6 more utility drawers. Cord opening were provided in the optional hutch. Each drawer has vintage patterned lined drawn on

Vintage Girly Computer Desk Vintage Furnitures Vintage Bedroom Ideas Girly Bedroom Design

Theres still more bedroom furniture from the Emmas Collection to complete the pink vintage girly room you dreamed of. Such as bedroom vanity and vintage chest with mirrored door both of the mirror were crystal cut to perfection,All were finished in vintage white and made from solid wood , theres also patterned lines in almost every item there in.

Vintage Bedroom Vanity With Crystal Cut Mirror Vintage Furnitures Vintage Bedroom Ideas Girly Bedroom Design

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