Girly Desk Organizers with Vintage Design

Found this lovely desk organizers on laughingtaffys shop at etsy , currently out of stock though and the shop is closed due to its owner vacation. This compact girly desk organizers was made from wood, with patterned paper covering to enhance the look. Theres two version that catch our attention , the girly vintage pink one, and the other one has a shades of blue and green giving less girly color yet still feminine , heres some picture of it , click on the image for more :

With darker color, this swirl and polkadot patterned desk organizers still have the feminine touch without being too girly

Green and Blue Colored Girly Desk Organizer Wooden Desk Organizer Vintage Desk Organizer Girly Desk Organizer

Everyone loves to have an organizer on their desk to keep their notes and pens all in one place. Here is an organizer with a feminine touch. The high quality paper is patterned in shades of blues, greens and black to make up a whimsical design. The edges and inside of the organizer has been painted in blue and green. The edges have been distressed to give it an aged look.

This smaller wooden desk organizers have a washout pink and vintage color paper covering with flowery pattern on the outside

This girly desk organizer, although small, does just the trick with keeping pens, clips and mail all in their places. High quality paper in three different, coordinating patterns was used to create a fun design. Rose pink and pottery green paint were used on the exposed wood.

The shop will be opened again around August 21 , so if you wanted to get some of these girly desk organizers, theres might be a chance there will be another version up for sale at laughingtaffy

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