Fireplace Mantels with Beautiful Victorian Era Design

Fireplace mantel or a chimney piece was originally used only as a simple hood over the grate to prevent the smoke from spreading out to the room. Yet nowadays it grew more than a simple hood, fireplace mantels become a decorative element on the fireplace that could be combined with wall decor. Today wed like to share about a collection of beautiful fireplace mantels design from dmsstudios that have a lovely victorian era touch on it.

Victorian Fleur-de-Lys Fireplace Mantel
Thus french styled fireplace mantel were very popular around England and America at the early 19th century , its signature was the rounded firebox opening

Louis XIV Fireplace Mantel
Next in line , we have this classic fireplace mantel with the Louis XIVs era design. Created with the fine grain limestone , this luxurious fireplace mantels would add a character to your interior design

Rustic French Fireplace Mantel
Our last choice for todays report was made from a Texas cream limestone, creating a beautiful rustic final pieces , giving a touch of countryside to the house

Classic and Rusty Fireplace Mantel Design Victorian Fireplace Mantel Fireplace Mantel Design Classic Fireplace Mantel

Would you happen to have another beautiful fireplace mantels design ? kindly share it at the comment
More picture of this beautiful victorian era fireplace mantels design could be found at our gallery


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