Feminine Girls Dressing Room Furniture with Vintage Style

Having a separated dressing room in the house might be good idea if you own a spacy home. It gives a place where the girls could do their make up without being bothered with in house activity , plus it helps when you held an occasion where a lot of peoples required to sing a make up, wedding for example or some evening party held in your home. If you looking for a simply feminine dressing room decoration without being to girly , this vintage styled collection worth to check , and hopefuly could bring some ideas for your simple dressing room interior.

compact beauty station for your dressing room vintage furniture girls dressing room ideas dressing room decor

vintage design in girls dressing room

Starts with the lovely round hanged mirror , this one has a knobs around its frame that could be use to put your necklaces or bracelets while you were trying to find which one suits you more, these knobs are replaceable , meaning you could change it with other colorful vintage knob to suits your room interior.

Rounded Dressing Mirror In White Vintage Design

Having a lots of make up and hair accessories was pretty troublesome when they just scattered in your dressing rooms, this sectional make up and hair organizer could keep your table tidy while having all your make up tools within your reach, put some label in it , and it will easier to see which tools goes where, pretty handy when a lots of people using it together , save you some time from having to tidy up all the mess after.

small hair accessories organizer vintage furniture girls dressing room ideas dressing room decor

Compact Girls Hair Accessories Organizer in White


Minimalist Sectional Make Up Organizer for Girls


Beauty station were also preferable than a dressing table, it could hold more item in it , and keeping them organized, this one even have a power cord installed , make it easier to use those hair dryer or flat iron of yours , compact yet holds a lot of compartment and hooks for all your beauty tools

small vintage beauty station vintage furniture girls dressing room ideas dressing room decor

small beauty station for girls dressing room

more photos of this vintage girls dressing room appliances at our gallery bellow


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