Elegant Indian Cuisine Restaurant Design In Nottingham

This elegant and luxurious restaurant design belong to an indian cuisine restaurant in Nottingham UK, The Cumin Retaurant. Originated in Nairobi , Kenya the Anand family starting its catering business in UK at 1975 till nowadays. Combining a traditional indian restaurant with a contemporary decor , resulting in an elegant and comfortable dining environment , Cumin restaurant is only one of the high quality and successful restaurant from Anand family.

 Elegant Restaurant Design Contemporary Indian Restaurant Design

Two stories height, Cumin Traditional Indian Restaurant able to hold 74 customer , with the first floor promising a little bit more privacy from the street plus a full sound system.

Located at the city center of Nottingham, The Cumin Traditional Indian Restaurant is an appropriate place for a meeting out or just having lunches with your colleagues. For a reservation or more info about this contemporary indian restaurant in Nottingham, go to the cumin web site

photos: http://www.philipwattsdesign.com/

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