DIY Twine Christmas Tree Decoration

Still looking for a beautiful accessories to redecorate your home for christmas ? you might want to consider this DIY Twine Christmas Tree to add to your to-do list. Lemon Tree Creations has a step by step post that shows you how to do it , though its not too simple, yet it still easy enough to do on your free time. Heres some of the things youll need :

*Foam cone
*Waterbased fabric stiffener
*Parchment paper
*Hot glue / waterproof caulking

Starting with wrapping the foam cones in parchment paper , secured by pin , wrapped the twine that has been sprayed with the fabric stiffener around the cone using the crisscrossing pattern , make sure each pieces of the twine is strongly supported by another and the bottom strands are straights around the base to keep the nice firm shape of the trees.

That was enough if you wanted to make a  plain christmas tree twine , yet if youd like to put some decor, you can use the raffia by applying stiffener on it and wrapped it around the cones on the twine.  Now left it for drying then use knife to separeate the paper from the cone and peeling it from the twine.  You can the further decorate it by applying a tiny accessories hot glued to the twine such as berries,  or coloring it with spray paint or glitter maybe. If you happen to be short of time to make one yourself , theres also a premade version on blues and branch etsys shop. This DIY Twine Christmas Tree could be a wonderful gift or decoration at your home for christmas. Follow the image for more picture

photos courtesy of Lemon Tree Creations

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