DIY Tea Light Garden Lantern From Recycled Tin Can

In need of some lighting for your outdoor party ? Why not make one yourself ?
Weve found some quick and easy tutorial on creating your own garden lantern by Elise Engh from Grow Creative that will give you a pretty tin can lantern when youre done. All you need is a tin can , some common hardware ie: pliers, hammer, nail and wire for the basic component , a spray paint for the finishing and tea light candle as the source of light.

DIY Tin Can Lanterns Tea Light Lantern Garden Lantern DIY Tin Can Lantern

After a bit works you should be having a lovely tin can lantern for your garden party lighting, the desain of the light pattern could be easily customizable by drawing your own design on the can and punching it with nail. Pictured above is the result from her page , cute!

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