DIY Glass Jar Table Photo Display

Wondering what to make of your unused glass jar othen than halloween lantern and snow globe or chandelier ? weve found some other creative use for those jar, a DIY glass jar table photo display . All you need is glass jar , a nail polish remover and paper towel , scissor / cutter, ruler, pencil and of course your favourite photos.

DIY Glass Jar Photo Display  Unused Glass Jar Ideas Glass Jar Photo Display DIY Photo Display

DIY Glass Jar Photo Display

First thing youd have to do is remove the label on the glass jar, wet some paper towel with nail polish remover and rub it on the label , it should easily peeled off

Next, cut the photo to match with the glass jars body , so it would not extend to the jar neck , unless you wanted to try it. use the ruler , pencil and scissor / cutter to do this

After youve done the cut, all thats left is placing the photo into the jar. Roll the photo slighly and be sure that the image is facing outwards. put it upside down if you want the jar to rest on its opening , or you could put it normally so that you can decorate it with flower or use it as stationery .

Creative Glass Jar Photo Display

You could also decorate the rest of the jar by taping the photo part off and put a frosting spray on the rest of the glass jar.

What do you think about turning an unused glass jar to a DIY table photo display? Or do you have any other idea to reuse an old glass jar ? kindly put it in the comment bellow

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