Desk Clock with Colorful and Modern Design

QLOCKTWO TOUCH is a minimalist and modern desk clock with alarm function that could also put into use as an excellent wall clock. Comes from the designer of the ever popular QLOCkTWO desk / alarm clock , this minimalist desk clock resemble the shape of its predecessor. Simple square clock with the numbers spelled out as words such as it is twenty eight past twelve in a front panel white led. Clock front panel was made from an interchangeable acrylic glass with seven different color. QLOCKTWO TOUCH desk / alarm clock features a color option ranging from a pretty candy blue to the bold cherry cake red,giving a broader chance of color mix and match with your living room interior or your bedroom desk.

Unlike its big sister QLOCKTWO alarm clock that was supported with the lacquered wood as its body frame, this modern alarm clock body is being made from a solid piece of aluminum and uses magnet based connector for its customizable front panel,allowing a smooth surface in the front surface of the clock with no visible attachments. There are satin stainless steel or seven colors of polished synthetic glass to choose from, each generating contrasts or consistencies in interplay with their surroundings. Although QLOCKTWO TOUCH already using the touch sensitive front panel , theres still 5 control button on the back to set the time and alarm.

The words in the front panel could also be changed into other language by a push of button, but changing the front panel into a matching language set is also required. This usb powered alarm desk clock is currently supporting 11 language ; german english,swiss german,italian ,french , russian, danish,arabic,dutch ,swedish and spanish. In the packages included are 1 interchangeable color matrix , magnetic stainless steel base, an elastic adhesive tape to secure the clock to its base and of course usb power supply and cable.Click the image for more picture of this minimalist and modern desk / alarm clock.


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