Cute White Animal Shaped Porcelain Tableware

Looking for a new porcelain tableware collection ? Youll love this one. Made by Takeuchi Minoru , a japanese jewelry designer , this cute porcelain tableware consists of two multipurpose cup,sugar pot and matched spoon , plus a salt shake.

Cute White Porcelain Multipurpose Cup With Elephant Head Accessories

Cute White Porcelain Pinguin Salt Shaker

All of these porcelain tableware comes in white matte color and the porcelain material made it semi transparent. Each item has a small animal sclupture accessories ,the wild sheep and elephant multipurpose cup , girrafe sugar pot and spoon head , also the penguin shaped salt shaker. You could also use the multipurpose cup for a candle holder , its semi transparent material will create a nice ambient to the room.

Porcelain Sugar Cup With Giraffe Accessories

Cute Wild Sheep Multipurpose Porcelain Cup

Either for a collection or a daily use , these cute white animal porcelain tableware is a must have. Available from Proof of Guild

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