Cute Purple Kids Bedding for Girl

kids bedding with lilac flower quilt for girl e1304340361260 kids bed girly bedding children bedding Having a children in the house surely brings much joy,even more if it happened to be your first daughter. Theres many thing youll ended up buying for her, from clothes to an accessories or furniture for her room. This kids bedding collection is something worth to take a look at. Taking a purplish theme,this bedding set 

. Blossoming lilac flower is embroidered at the bed cover and the accompanying pillow cover , that when paired with the strip pattern on the second pillow cover, created a soft color combination and pretty bedding. Perfectly match with the white color based room decor,or with a purple themed interior design.girly oblong bedding cushion e1304340108574 kids bed girly bedding children bedding

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