Cute Nerdy Cushion With Pixelated Color

Looking for some nerd furniture for your living room , but still want to maintain a pretty persona ? Try to take a look at this cute cushion form Christian Zuzunaga.

Currently based in London ,he experiment with color by taking a zoom effect at the extreme level creating a pixelized color. Comes in 6 design collection , Fire, Mercury , Luna, Soul, Venus and Spirit. This nerdy cushion collection features a unique color combination possibility with what seems like a single different dominant color in each cushion collection.

For example , pastel color in Soul , violet in Mercury , and black and white in Luna.You could also ask for specific color or hue in your request if youd like to receive a not so random combination of this lovely cushion.

This nerdy cushion surely is a great piece of furniture if you need to add some pretty nerd touch into your interior decoration.

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