Cute Heart Shaped Mirror For Girls Room

Mirror is one of the key part of a room , especially if its a girls room. In the bedroom an even more in the girls dressing room having a mirror is a must. Theres a lot of mirror type in the market nowadays, from a plain oval mirror, the standing mirror, or like this one we found on the U.K based furniture store, a mirror in a cute heart shape.

Heart Out of Heart Mirror
This lovely mirror would fit nicely for a girls bedroom , adding a stylish and fun element to the room. This cute mirror was made from acrylic which made it lightweight and safe for a children room since its shatterproof. Theres three little heart carved out from the larger mirror that can be placed around as an accessories. No need to deal with hammering nail to the wall since this acrylic mirror comes with strong adhesive that should be enough to hold it in place

Lovely Shaped Mirror For Girls

Red Heart Out of Heart Mirror
This red version of the girly heart shaped mirror brings more color to the room bringing a glamor element. It was exactly the same as the silver version of this cute mirror,with the differences that this one has a red tint on its surface while keeping the reflection still clearly visible. Wouldnt advice on using it for make up mirror though , for its red tint heart shaped mirror , still a nice touch for a girly room

Cute Red Girly Mirror

These love shaped mirror is priced at £22.99 and £32.99 respectively at


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