Cute Christmas Wreath Designs From Japanese Artist

Wreath is one of the must have accessories for christmas. Unlike christmas tree that sometimes a little bit pricey and eating more space in your living room, wreath is a simple design element that just hanging on your front door but already enough to show your christmas spirit. Since December is already beginning, it means its getting closer to christmas,upon which most of us will also redecorate our home to celebrate it , have you decide what kind of decoration youll use this year ? In case you still on the look for a different decor this year, why not take a peek on these cute christmas wreath designs by Hine Mizushima

This octopuss tentacle arms shaped wreath was named octowrath , featuring large ring of red octopuss tentacle with white suction, it also has a small cute red octopus hugging a small white snowman and some snowy twigs / trees.Its red and white color is really perfect for the christmast occasion.

Next is the serpent wreath. As you can guess by its name, this one consists of several cute snake tangled in a ring formation. Theres also a few litle ant doll on the top of the snakes , with the leaves and small button as accessories , this beautiful christmas wrath would be a pretty nice decor to put at your front door.

What did you think about these cute christmast wreath designs ? Do you have any other lovely design you love ?

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