Compact Square Wooden Kitchen Island With Traditional Style

Cooking for some people could be fun. No doubt that the best kitchen design could help in creating the right atmosphere for the best cooking experience. Kitchen island has been used since a long time to help keep the kitchen area organized by providing a separate place for the food preparation.

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Traditional Wooden Kitchen Island

There are vast size and style selection of this kitchen furniture in the market. For those who have a rather small kitchen you might love this compact kitchen island. Made from selected wood, this square furniture provides a traditional feeling in your kitchen.

Wooden Kitchen Island With Usefull Features

Features basket drawer and a storage shelf in the bottom part giving an easy access to your kitchen utensils, there’s also four hooks beside the butcher block that could be use to hang your everyday kitchen appliances such as spoon or small knife. This product also includes some accessory kit such as tongs and spatula at its purchase. A perfect kitchen furniture if your kitchen happen to used some traditional / natural decor style

Compact Kitchen Island Design

more pictures of this beautiful kitchen island at our gallery below


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