Compact and Foldable Modern Kitchen Concept for Small Home

Having a small house could have its own advantage against a larger one, easier to maintain , less room to be cleaned , less energy needed , etc. But smaller home require us to be smart about the choice of furniture and interior design. This modular kitchen appliances concept for example.

minimalist and modern modular kitchen concept small home improvement modular kitchen concept design

With the minimalist modern design , movable and foldable , it consists of 4 different kitchen elements, fridge and oven set, dishmaster and dishwasher , plus a sidecooker and Panneli screens. Being same sized , all these elements could be easily rearranged and the whole modular kitchen could be transformed at ease.

Utilizing mobile screen panel as its mounting area , this modern kitchen set could also be functioned as a partition wall when both sides are being used.When theres need for a larger space in the house, it could be completely folded and moved aside.

this modular kitchen concept were designed by Goran Goci Bjelajac ( )

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