Color Therapy Shower Head Helps You Relaxing

WaterTherapy , the shower head series from Italian company Gugliemi. Features basic shaped shower head with colored LED lights that claimed to be able to help you revitalizing your mood. Based on the alternative medication named Chromotherapy that focusing in enegy balancing by using color to control ones mood. This modern LED shower head utilizing 9 different LED color along with 2 multi colored led light program on the shower head. WaterTherapy shower head contain up to 480 LED so that each of water drop will be individually colored creating a clear and vivid color. Heres each color explanation about how it may affect your mood

White | Revitalizing
Cyan | Calming
Wisteria | Soothing
Blue | Purifying
Green | relaxing
Yellow | Stimulating
Orange | Relaxing
Red | Exciting
Magenta | Energizing
Energizing program | Red-Orange-Yellow-Magenta-Yellow-Red-Orange
Relaxation program | Blue-Green-Cyan-Magenta-White-Blue-Green-White

Leaving aside the fact that theres still debatable fact about the effectiveness of color therapy , this colorful LED shower head still could be a nice addition for your bathroom shower

more info about WaterTherapy colored LED showe head is available at

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