Coffee Table Inspired by Fender Stratocaster Guitar Head

Stratocaster guitar series from fender has been long known as a high quality guitar and been used by many of known musician. Apparently theres a furniture , a coffee table that was inspired from this guitar. Made by Fender Custom Furniture , a company of two that was made an official Fender custom furniture maker after sending their product to Fender.

coffee table with fender stratocaster guitar head shape fender coffee table elegant coffee table custom fender funiture

Fender Coffee Table

This unique coffee table have the shape of the classic fender Stratocaster guitar headstock , with high quality maple wood as its material. Finished with a slightly tinted color that resemble the vintage guitar head look and theres also six tuning caps for this elegant furniture.

fender coffee table marking

The Fender deluxe Stratocaster coffee table also have a lacquered silk lettering on its edge plus a metal tag with serial number to ensure the originality of this furniture. This fender coffee table three legs are also plated in chrome for more elegant look , currently available at $949.00 , a deluxe price for an excellent coffee table.


more info about this elegant coffee table from Fender custom furniture could be found at Fender Custom Furniture

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